An outsider seeking his home through a more mechanical understanding of magic.


Sparx, as he has come to call himself, was found in infancy by a local bookseller in Comique. At the time the bookseller was able to identify what the infant was from ancient historical texts. He realized that the townsfolk would see the boy as something unknown and therefore decided to quietly adopt the child. The bookseller raised Sparx on a diet of ancient history texts, magical treatises, healer’s codices and a very old book discussing the people Sparx belonged to in a country known as the Astral Sea. This last text described powers that no one has seen for a thousand years. The powers of Sparx’ ancestry. Thus Sparx hungered for an understanding of power and diligently studied the different types in hopes of finding the power of his people. Eventually his adopted parent introduced him to a magewright. That magewright gave him his first training and set him on the path to an understanding of artifice.

As the boy approached manhood he grew restless and started exploring the city. Having no love for crowds, these trips took place at night. On a particularly sweltering evening, Sparx was discovered by a group of inebriated tavern patrons heading home for the night. This was not the first time he had been seen, but most folks simply saw Sparx as some deformed beggar. The drunken group however saw him as a source of entertainment that evening. Sparx was further out that he had been and became confused during the chase running down a dead end. Beaten badly his last meager cries fell upon the ears of a Vermacht Squire heading home for the evening. The group backed down at the intervening presence of law enforcement. Upon approaching the young man, the squire felt a strong wave of loneliness wash over him. The feeling had tints of not belonging. With this the squire took pity on Sparx. Sparx barely had strength to speak, but repeated the name of a bookstore over and over. A while later Sparx’ adoptive father answered an early morning rap on the door of his shop to see a Vermacht Squire supporting a limp figure.

Sparx eventually found his rescuer again and followed him around on quite a few evenings. Occasionally the squire would call Sparx out from the shadows particularly when Sparx felt he was well hidden. A strange friendship formed. As Sparx had a knack for creating minor disasters with some of his crazy creations, the squire often found himself trying to temper the boy’s enthusiasm.

A couple decades have passed since the night the bookseller discovered a strange infant in the streets. He can see the quest for answers pulling his adopted son further into the world. He knows that the time of separation approaches quickly. He advises his adopted son that if he is ever in a strange city to look for bookshops bearing strange symbols hidden into their signs. He does this with the cryptic requirement that this secret must never be shared. He tells Sparx to inform such a bookseller that he is the Acolyte of Weaver Ursus. And lastly always to do so with the greatest caution.


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