History of my bloodline: My father inherited a pirate ship and crew from his parents and them from theirs and so on. My father lived in Box. He didn’t want to be in the “business” of piracy so he got rid of his crew and sold his ship then moved to Comique to become a merchant. He dealt in cloth and for a side business dealt in magical artifacts. He married my mother and I was born a few years later in the town of Comique.

My story: When I was young (maybe 5 or 6) my father began to teach me how to fight and connect with weapons that I wield. The bond formed from this allowed my father to teach me to unleash arcane power through the weapon. The rest o my life was mainly going to royal parties and banquets as well as learning how to run a merchant business. When I was 19 my father died and I inherited the business. My mother died shortly after. When I started dealing in the magical artifacts I got a business partner. I let him deal in most things involving the traded Items. He planted a really rare artifact, that he stole from a powerful mage, on my person when I went to deal with the same mage. This cost me my estate, my money, and my Influence on the people. I had to move in to a small house in a poor suburb.

How others were met: During my time as a merchant’s son I met several people including a rather peculiar guard named Garrik. When I lost my estate and moved to the poorer district I met an odd demonic like creature who lurked around the city exploring any were that contained some interest to the people or just for self pleasure. He went by the name of sparks, I do not know his actual name. I discovered a book store in the district that I lived in and went there to learn as much as I could since I had nothing better to do than work in the kitchens of another merchants house ( I was basically a servant). I discovered that the book store owner was the adopted father of sparks. I learned that sparks has been in trouble with the law many times and that Garrik met regularly with him after learning this I decided to get to know these people a little better. Maybe it was the pirate in me but hanging out with them seemed like it would lead to in adventure, and I wanted nothing more than to get out of Comique.


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