Merchant Queen Liahdna

Ruler of the Indigo Peninsula


Two decades ago, no one could in good conscience question the Queen’s devotion to family. Recent events have caused to her to focus on politics to the point of obsession which has excluded all else including her own family. While she will never truly forget her own blood, one day she may need reminding of that.

Her family consists of four half-elven children. Their father disappeared before the birth of the forth. He set sail on ship southward to explore rumors of an island that remained within the region around the Indigo peninsula that was still considered safe. He failed to return from his expedition and is thought to be lost at sea.

Princess Adrian Liahdna – The eldest of the royal children, Princess Adrian with a mind for business she has a strong chance of replacing your mother one day. She has little time for those not directly impacting her future including her younger siblings. She carries a great respect for the queen and her advisors. While most who have interacted with her find her abrasive and cold, none believe that the state of the nation is anything less than her greatest priority. Most common folk expect to see the stability of her mother’s reign continue if she takes the throne.

Princess Abigail Liahdna – Second eldest and perhaps the most troublesome, Princess Abigail has found it hard to focus on the daily lessons and duties of government. Often disappearing into the bowels of the castle or worse yet into the city itself, she appears uninterested in succeeding her mother. She has a very keen mind and will likely put it to great effect one day when she learns to apply herself. Recently her mother had her confined to the castle when she tried to join a caravan to Box in the guise of a caravan guard. It is assumed that this will not be the end of her attempts to explore the world. Secretly Abigail fears for the security of her mother’s kingdom and intends to seek out allies for her mother in her trips abroad.

Princess Laurel Liahdna – Second youngest, Princess Laurel is certainly the least likely to see the throne of Rose Castle. She focuses her attentions on the courts and in the great search for her latest romantic interest. As a younger child she was never seen without having hand wrapped around Princess Abigail’s. Now however the two of them seem to have taken different paths to the point of rarely seeing each other. It is commonplace in the taverns to speculate what caused this rift. Her heart is in the right place, but only lessons that come with age and experience will refine her current obsessions.

Prince Eric Liahdna – The youngest by far. Eric is not yet old enough to pick up formal training and as such is an unknown quantity. He is rarely seen by the public, but appears to be in good health. Three being an unlucky number, it was rumored that his birth was due in majority to superstitions of the queen. Rare though his appearances may be, it pales in comparison to the rarity of seeing him with his mother. Rumors escape the castle that nearly all of his rearing has occurred at the hands of servants.

Merchant Queen Liahdna

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