Starting Your Life in Comique

This Campaign Start is full and requires DM Approval to play.

Growing up with the old stories, you have found within yourself a sense to deny the hopelessness of them. Upward of a millennium now, those same stories have been perpetuated by the cold truths of your world. To the east, a dark elemental wall has protected your peninsular homeland while simultaneously preventing anything from leaving by land. The coastal waters surrounding you have always seemed clear enough, but repeated events of ships lost when they left sight of the shore have continually tied you and your people to this place, this Indigo Peninsula as it was called in ages past.

Centrally located Comique was a merchant city in times past. While the many of the old ways governing are still used today, this is used more for comfort than for effectiveness. Few people have the time to worry about anything beyond their day to day existence. Spearing the skyline of the city is Rose Castle, an architectural monument to civilization’s history. From there Nihhen, the merchant queen, rules jointly with a council of merchants who pronounce their decisions from the taverns in Comique. Racial enmity has never been part of your youth; for while there are many races mixed together here, life can be too hard to complicate it with petty hatred. In short your home has too much on its hands to develop the problems indicative of a more decadent society.

The years of your youth have passed and the time has come for you to contribute to your struggling community of Comique. However you see things differently than those you could learn a trade from. You feel the call of affecting change in a greater capacity than merely taking one day at a time as a soldier recruit, a cloistered adept, or a magewright’s apprentice. While those who have contributed to your upbringing may not approve enthusiastically about your choice, you’ve been bolstered by a few select friends who see the world as you do. Recently while speaking with a local merchant you have heard of caravans that travel the peninsula occasionally needing guards. The pay is poor, the job is dull, but at least you’d get a chance to see more than your hometown.

Noire Guidelines (Native)

Any Core Race and Class Combo may be used.
Consult with the other players to build a balanced and cohesive party.
Consult with the DM if you use books beyond the core.
Please come up with a one page character background.
Start at level 1 using the high fantasy point-buy system for stats unless you have spoken with the DM.
Welcome to Noire.

Starting Your Life in Comique

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