Positioned on a western peninsula, the last descendants of the enlightened races sit precariously in a world to which they are already dead. Several hundred years ago their ancestors were witness to a world ending calamity. Fleeing from the waves of destruction some of them made it to this one last safe haven. Through the powers of arcanists unknown, they created a barrier upon which those tides of evil crashed and abated. These arcanists disappeared that same day. With numbers dwindling the refugees moved into the few inhabited parts of the peninsula to mourn their losses and scratch out their existence among the rocky hills. But time has passed as it is want to do. Memories have faded. Communities have grown. A few such as you have even nurtured a desire to look beyond the warnings of old. To see what lies beyond the cursed forest that obstructs the peninsula from the forbidden world of Noire.

John Rogers 2008©

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